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Xiaomi HUTT W55 Window Cleaner Robot

Xiaomi HUTT W55 Window Cleaner Robot
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  • Marca: Xiaomi
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Main Features:

6 core technologies for high-rise window cleaning

Intelligent path planning, able to avoid obstacles, plan and return; variable frequency and large suction, can withstand 7KG vertical pulling force, wipe a variety of dirt; use special track and corner sensors to solve the problem of stuck and slip; UPS power off to prevent falling Technology, as well as a mountaineering safety rope with an instantaneous load of 150KG to escort you

Able to plan, predict, avoid obstacles, and return
Innovative reciprocating overlapping path planning, predict the edge position in advance to decelerate in advance, reduce the contact force with the window frame, optimize the obstacle avoidance path for the handles of different types of windows, move flexibly, and automatically return to the original position after wiping.

Adjust "pressure" to wipe clean glass with different degrees of dirt
Collect glass surface data, dynamically adjust window cleaning pressure, no matter the surface is smooth or rough, spraying water on the rag or glass surface can clean it, effectively removing rain stains, water marks, floating ash, sand, mud, smog particles Common stains such as toothpaste foam, watercolor pen, insect and bird droppings.

Non-slip special track
Multi-layer composite material track design, not afraid of strong wind
Innovative technology materials, the outer layer of Q elastic viscous material, the inner core of high elasticity and toughness silica gel, the strong friction material and the gear set are designed for adhesion to smooth surfaces.

Rotating anti-drop sensor without jamming
It can rotate freely even if it is held by the corner of the window
At any position of the window, it can be flexibly rotated, moved, edged, and turned. It is determined not to be stuck or fall, and at the same time, the friction with the window frame is minimized.

25000 rpm/MIN
Brushless motor brings surging suction power
2800PA maximum suction, can withstand 7KG vertical tension, better support HUTTHINK frequency conversion suction adjustment function

7.6CM ultra-thin design
Not afraid of having security windows
Lighter body, one-handed operation of unique circular shaped buttons, blind opening and closing

Noise reduction air duct design, quiet without blowing hands
Overall optimization of the air duct system, high flow rate and low decibels
The large hidden air outlet and the arc-shaped air duct are designed for smooth and quiet wind, and no air flow can be felt by the hand during operation

In addition to windows, you can also wipe other facades of the house
Can be used for ceramic tiles, glass doors, wooden doors, large wardrobes, bathroom glass, mirrors and other materials

How to get a better wet wipe experience
2 wipes thoroughly wet and wipe the glass of the house
Avoid the front and back of the track when spraying water
Wet and wrung out the rag to absorb excess water before and after the track

3MIN wipe the 1㎡ glass twice, from side to corner
The floor-to-ceiling glass windows are wiped meticulously and cleanly. At the same time, it is matched with a large high-density fine fiber cloth to effectively increase the actual wiping area and corner coverage. The cloth can be reused after being washed and dried.

2 control modes, flexible use
One-key remote control, independent control by the host

Will not fall even if the power is off
UPS anti-power-off safety system, accidental power-off can be absorbed for 30 minutes and continue to alarm. At the same time, it is equipped with mountaineering safety ropes to escort high-rise windows cleaning.

High-quality components, durable and stable work
Hang the safety rope on a strong and reliable object
Plug in the power cord
Install a clean cloth
Turn on the power switch at the bottom
Place the machine in the middle of the glass
Press the start key to start

Warranty: 2 years

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