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Хіаоmі Mi Rоbоrосk Ѕ5 Мах Vacuum Cleaner

Хіаоmі Mi Rоbоrосk Ѕ5 Мах Vacuum Cleaner
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  • Marca: Xiaomi
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Roborock S5 Max - the latest hit among robot vacuum cleaners

Roborock is definitely an institution in the robot vacuum cleaner industry. And at the end of last year, the newest addition to the family came out. The Roborock S5 MAX laser vacuum cleaner takes all the best features from previous models and upgrades with an even wider range of innovative features to present a whole new level in the industry.

What are its advantages:

· Water tank: The new model has a larger water tank with a capacity of 280 ml. This is enough to clean an apartment with an area of ​​65 sq.m. more than 3 times, or a house with an area of ​​200 sq.m. at once

· Water level control: You can now control the water level through the app. In predefined areas, the robot stops using water, passing through the places where it has already cleaned. After finishing work, it switches off the water function to allow the mop to dry until it returns to the charging station.

· Customize the water level and suction power for each room: You can set the water level and suction power for each room depending on how dirty it is.

· Wet cleaning planning: You can schedule the robot to turn on the water cleaning function at a specific time

· Selective cleaning of the premises: The new function allows the robot to clean in a certain room or in several

· Setting up work in a specific room: You can program the robot to work in a specific room at a fixed time

· Restriction of wet cleaning areas: The new feature allows you to keep your carpets dry when the robot cleans. After removing the wet cleaning blockage, the barriers disappear. You can also combine it with the placement of virtual walls that do not allow the robot to enter with spaces that you do not want to be vacuumed.

Roborock S5 MAX simultaneously cleans and washes any contaminated surfaces, and the latest LDS technology ensures accurate mapping of every room in your home during operations.

Roborock S5 MAX is available in a clean and classic design and weighs only 3.5 kilograms. It looks almost like its predecessors, but the biggest novelty is the mop system. All previous models use a 150 ml water tank, and the Roborock S5 MAX has a capacity of 280 ml. In parallel, the powder capacity remains 460ml. Therefore, this means that the company's latest robot offers a long working session without the need to empty its bin or be refilled with water. In addition, the Roborock S5 MAX has a built-in water pump that specifies the right amount of water for different surfaces and levels of contamination. You can also control the tank through the app and set areas where you do not want wet cleaning. This will ensure that your carpet will never be soaked, or that your parquet will only be vacuumed and not shiny with cleanliness.

The vacuum cleaner is extremely powerful - 2000Pa, which provides even more precise dust absorption and super fine cleaning of the most invisible particles. Its battery is 5200 mAh, guaranteeing over 150 minutes of continuous operation. Charging time is about 6 hours. Roborock S5 MAX is ideal for large houses. When the battery runs out during operation, the robot returns to recharge only to the level it needs to complete the job. With this innovation, it saves charging time and provides faster and more efficient cleaning. The vacuum cleaner passes 1 sq.m on average in 1 minute, which means that a room of 100 sq.m will be ready in about 100 minutes.

The robot's navigation system uses the most precise LDS technology to scan the surroundings at 300 rpm. The robot has as many as 14 sensors, through which it reproduces the most accurate and precise map of your home. Adaptive algorithms calculate the most effective cleaning path for each room based on the shape and location of the obstacles. So cleaning is up to 15% faster. The advanced schedule allows cleaning to be done at different times on different days, even with different levels of dry and wet cleaning for specific rooms or an entire floor of your home. The robot can store up to 3 cards in its memory, which makes it indispensable in houses or spaces with floors.

Easy to operate and extremely efficient Roborock S5 MAX is guaranteed to become the next biggest hit among fans of innovative technological devices.

24 months warranty!

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